Try These Steps & Reset or Reboot Your Linksys Router to Fix Various Issues

As we all know that every router differs from each other. Still, there are few options in a router that works the same. We are talking about reboot & reset options. Both have their own importance in router working. These two options get used for fixing certain issues. Issues such as Linksys router login, no Internet after device setup or computer can’t get an IP address from DHCP server. So, it is considered as a smart move to use Reboot or reset option. In our today’s blog, we have come up with the Reboot & Reset Method steps. You only need to go through these steps & fix the issues that interrupt you while using a router. So, let’s take an overview of both the options before you go through their setup steps.

In Reboot Option, your router get’s On/Off. When you choose to reboot your router, all the devices connected to your router get’s disconnected. Later they get automatically reconnected when reboot process gets accomplished.

On The Other hand, Under Reset option, your all customized settings gets erased. Reset option takes back your router to default router settings. You can configure your router once again & customized setting as per network setup. One more thing, you can utilize these only if you are connected to Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Router’s network locally. Expert’s advice to reboot your router first, if still the same issue persists then, Reset the router.

Method for Rebooting the Linksys Router

• Make use of a computer or wireless device to open a web browser on it.
• Enter Linksys Router IP address or web address myrouter.local into a browser address bar & then, press Enter. This will take you to the Linksys router login page.
• If you have customized your IP address then, enter new IP address into browser address bar.
• Once you reach to Linksys router login page, look for navigation pane.
• On Navigation pane, go for Router Settings & then click on Troubleshooting.


Linksys router login

• Next, click on the tab of Diagnostics.
• Now, click on the Reboot link.
• Once, you see a Pop-up Box named Important, click on Yes.


Linksys router login

• Keep observing the progress of process through router Power light. If it is blinking or flashing it means the process is going smooth. Now, wait few seconds till process gets completed.
• Click on OK on the Router Reboot pop-up box.

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